Friday, 9 October 2015

Rose Mobile


Today i have a tutorial to share for a 3d paper Rose mobile.This is not exactly a wind chime but looks great in your living space or bed room. I loved so much doing it.

To make this Mobile you need 
  • A4 Color papers of u r choice
  • A ring (here a used an old embroidery ring)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Colorful beads of your choice
  • Glue,Scissors


Let us start with roses

To make Roses draw a circle

Draw a spiral design as shown in the picture

Cut the circle

Now carefully cut along the lines drawn leaving a small round at the middle

Take a quilling needle and start rolling from the end

Slowely remove it from the needle. Rose looks like this.

Apply glue  as shown and stick the flower.

Finally Your Rose looks like this

Take needle with thread
Make a knot at the end add beads of your choice and insert the rose downwards.

Cover the ring with thread or wool .
Make strings with different color roses. Here i made 9 strings with 4 roses  and 1 for the middle with 5 roses 

Tie all the strings to the ring as shown the thread . And your lovely Rose mobile is ready.

I hanged this in m living room.

Note : you can use different colors of papers or cloth with different kinds of flowers.
           Add colorful beads in between the roses to give beautiful look.


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