Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lovely Heart hangings


Using Quilling and making different things is fun. Decorating the walls with  hearts shape hangings on birthdays or in bedrooms gives a new look to your room

These are the step by step procedure of making  hearts shape hangings for u wall

Materials required are
  • Quilling strips
  • A pair of scissors
  • Stapler
Here I used 10 mm quilling strips to make these hangings .

Pictures below will help to understand the tutorial easily
Take to different colors. I found some strips are thin and some are thick. I used thick strips to make hearts and thin strips for wings.
2.Take two different color strips
3.Fold to half
4.Cut them
5.Now fold these strips to half and keep aside.

6.Hold them as shown
7.Fold the yellow strips backward and hold them at the end
8.Add the other color strip
9. Staple them as shown

Make the hearts as shown in pic 10 and 11 and add another strip to make wings and staple them

Continue adding strips till required length

Make hangings using different colors

Decorate them on wall
with lovely hearts

Happy crafting

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