Monday, 2 November 2015

Artificial Plant


Dried branches are always used for decorating house. 
I did not like to keep it in the same way. I thought of adding some leaves and flowers  to it. 
And the result is this

  • I  am sorry that  cannot the share the whole procedure. But this may give an idea and add our creativity.

  • Materials used for this are
  •  A dried plant
  • Foam sheets of green and pink (use any colour for flowers)
  • Thin wires
  • Green tape
  • Pips for flowers
  • Cutter and thread
I have used a dreid part of palm plant. After the fruits are dried it becomes the below picture.
Handle them carefully as they are brittle.I left them in sun atlest for a week to become dry completely.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Now its time to start with our  work.

 As shown the above picture take a  pink foam sheet  for flowers and cut them in leaf shape for flowers. And green foam sheet for leaves. Cut silver colour wire in it small pieces.

Attach the pips to the wire as shown.

Place the wire in the middle 

And fold it from both the sides and tie it firmly with a thread

Cover the thread and wire with green tape.Make all the flowers and keep them ready

Now take the leaves and cut  them as shown

put the leaves to the plant and cover it green tape.

Add flowers and leaves .

I made few butterflies to addea them here and there.

Note:Some of the pictures are not clear because they were taken different times of day.Sorry for inconvenience. Feel free to ask any doubts.