Monday, 23 June 2014

Baby Shower Ideas

Organizing a baby shower for a BFF's is fun though it is time consuming and tiring. So, I thought I will put down some of the details to make it much easier for the ones who are about to plan one.

1. Location
2. Decoration (Theme)
3. Cake
4. Invites
5. Games
6. Food

Selecting a location was fairly easy for us we initially thought we will celebrate it in the house however, my bff's husband decided we do somewhere out so, we looked at some of them  and finaliZed one. I went to that location confirmed about chairs decoration and when the hall will be available.

To finalize a specialty cake was of a little concern as it took a while for me.  We finalized on the Girafee Cake but, here are some more that I loved.

Return Gifts:
I found these pretty baby figures on a website and they are absolutely lovely.  These are soaps (which no one wants to use) with baby powder smell.

Decoration was simple, Animal theme from Party City.  Also, as it was for a boy, I decided I will go with Blue, Green and yellow balloons so that it wont be too clicheWe wanted Animal Theme for it. So, we went to party City and found all the animal related and baby shower related stuff.  Bought some regular balloons on Amazon. Here is the picture

You can find a lot of invites online and I Chose a monkey baby invite. Was cute and the mom Loved it.

Here are some of the games we played. It went on for around 2 hours and it was a baby shower for father and Mother. So, it involved playing games both men and women. Hope some of them help.

1. Baby Bingo
2. Baby word search
3.Who knows mommy Better?
(Who knows Mommy


Whose Features does mommy want the baby to have?

Features Mommy Daddy









When is Mommy's due date?

What is she most scared of about this pregnancy?

What did She first buy when she knew she was pregnant?
4.Baby Scrabble
(Baby Word Scramble

Quicker the better

a) arc eats _______________________________

b) tobelt ________________________________

c) flouram ________________________________

d) preadi ________________________________

e) ighh hacri _______________________________

f) ktsor ___________________________________

g) setyfa inp _______________________________

h) bluyall _________________________________

i) yabb rodpew_____________________________

j) eniceo __________________________________

k) letrrols__________________________________

l) abby timoron_____________________________

m) limboe__________________________________

n) reficaip__________________________________

o) sentisab _________________________________

p) treatl ____________________________________
5.Price is right
6.Alphabet book making
7.Mommy and Daddy knows the best(
1.What is in a Diaper Bag?
2. How many hours does a baby sleep in the first month?
3. After how many month will the baby roll over?
4. How many times does the heart beat for new borns? 120-160
5. How many diapers do you expect to change in the first year? 2500
6. At what age does a baby start eating solid food?
7. How much weight did  mommy put on?
8. What is your baby zodiac sign?
9. Who do you think will be a tough parent?
10. What is the best part of your partner you want in your kid
11.What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?
12. What is the first thing you bought for baby? color?
13.Which color dress do you want the baby to wear first?
8. Names starting with R
(The couple wanted to name baby with R so there were suggestions from the guest to couple and whoever name was liked by mom and dad won the gift. I read out the names written by the guests  while they were writing it.)
9. Draw and find it
(Asked the member to pick a number and asked them to draw it on a black board. they get to pick  person as a team and the other person should Guess it. We picked bachelors and single women and it was so much fun with their drawing skills. here are some of the examples
2.Baby Feet
4.Baby Monitor
6.Car Seat
7. Baby thermometer
8. Baby Swing
10. Stroller
11. Shower tub
12. Scarf
13. baby Bouncer
14. Hammock with Hammock stand

10. Relative Baby (should explain what is the relation to the baby. Here are the examples. we picked couples and handed them ballons who ever know the answer should drop the balloon first. Here are some of the  questions
1). Baby's sister's son
2) Baby's cousin's father
3) Baby's mother's mother's mother
4) Baby's uncle's wife
5) Baby's sister's father's wife
6) Baby's father's brother's mother
7) Baby's mother's mother's sister
8) Baby's sister's uncle's son
9) Baby's grandmother's brother's brother
10) Baby's brother's son's father
11) Baby's mother's mother's sister's sister
12) B
aby's grandmother's brother's grandson